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We assist some of the Leading Technology Organizations from the ASEAN Countries

At ASEAN Ventures we associate with some of Asia’s most ambitious founders. Our complete crew is dedicated to assisting our Founders at every level in their adventure.

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However, just a few of its most prominent corporations are now technology firms. This, we feel, will soon alter. Startups have been able to expand into major enterprises with worldwide effect because of Asia’s long history of invention and engineering expertise, as well as the development of its ecosystem during the last 10 years.

A Pioneer is someone with outsized Ambitions

We believe in people who think big and are fearless and determined to build formidable companies on a global scale.

Developing an Unfair Benefit

We and our portfolio groups percentage a deep choice to win. That’s why we’re pushed to offer our marketers benefits their opposition can’t match.

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Our Values

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01. We at ASEAN Ventures - Enthusiastic about Winning

We aim to create the most effective venture firm in Singapore. We work effortlessly to win the hearts of the entrepreneurs. We encourage our entrepreneurs to take risks and to assume massive.

02. We at ASEAN Ventures - Rigorous in our Thinking

We discussed laboriously and value sensible thinking, supported facts, and knowledge. We aim to develop sturdy convictions around key choices and avoid soft agreement. We challenge the establishment and aim to surpass.

03. Trustworthy partner of the Entrepreneur

More than suppliers of capital, we tend to aim to be the trustworthy partner of the entrepreneurs. We are simple and honest. We are here to assist entrepreneurs to undergo the hard challenges of building great firms.

04. Co-Operative and Ego-Free

We work along and challenge one another, however, do therefore in a friendly and supportive manner. We are an equal partnership, and as such, we are going to bring all the resources of the firm to the service of the enterpriser.

05. Accountable Investors

Integrity is the backbone of our firm. It dictates however we tend to operate with everybody. We consider ethics while making financial decisions.


01. Focussing on Healthcare Startups

All healthcare startups are welcome to join the ASEAN Ventures start-up accelerator! Our program is designed for companies that are ready to scale. We offer personalized coaching and personalized investment programs designed with the needs of healthcare companies in mind.

02. Startups Focussing on Blockchain Solutions

Startups are harnessing the power of blockchain to disrupt industries and make life easier for businesses, and that’s why we’re innovating the way we do business.⁣ ASEAN Ventures is a strong supporter of blockchain technology, and all the benefits that come with it, as we believe it has the potential to improve the way businesses conduct their transactions. ASEAN Ventures is already offering blockchain-based solutions for enterprise companies.

03. Ecommerce and Gaming

E-commerce and the gaming industry are two industries you may not think are so similar. However, the fact is that they may be more alike than the general public think. First and important, e-commerce and the gaming industries have comparable growth paths, and the pandemic has given each industry a big push. They're each additionally dominated by using cell experiences.

04. Start-up specialized in Fintech and Martech products

The explosion of fintech corporations and startups isn't surprising. As the tech-savvy millennial generation has aged, banking and economic options developed, too, and once-rare perks like mobile banking have become trendy, forcing brick-and-mortar institutions to become tech-enabled.

01. Equity and Equal Opportunities

Jobs and or offerings that enhance the lives of prone groups. offices that allow personnel to have the same possibilities and to attain their full capacity.

02. Gender equality, variety, and inclusion

Variety in all its forms, and an inclusive running environment with a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination of any type.

03. Appropriate fitness and well being

Make certain top fitness and wellness inside the administrative center.

04. Lifelong learning

Vocational schooling and lifelong getting to know employees. high-quality education for youngsters.



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Highest Moral and Governance Requirements

Transparency and strong ethics in governance. Stand company in opposition to corruption and unethical conduct, and comply with all applicable regulatory bodies.

Records Rights are Human Rights

Deal with personal records and the privateness of clients and users with appreciation.

What Our Clients Say

Working with Bernard and his experienced team, helped our fundraising process and the product development requirements solved without any difficulty.

– Fernandes, Founder, Kuala Lumpur.

 Well-informed Team for investors with simple to use Digital dashboards to understand how our investments and our start-ups are performing.

Investor, Singapore

ASEAN Ventures is all about advanced Startup mentoring and fundraising specialists.

Investor, Singapore

Happy to be a part of ASEAN Ventures for one of our projects in the Philippines. Experienced firm when it comes to the Startup DNA.

Founder, Manila

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